#OKBINNYcares: Pay with UPI & We'll Donate a Meal

TLDR: #OKBINNYcares initiative lets you donate meals to those in need just by shopping their streetwear and paying with UPI.

OKBINNY fam, we're taking streetwear to the next level! Of course, we're committed to dropping the freshest looks, but now we're also  making an impact in our community. Introducing our new "Pay with UPI & We'll Donate a Meal" initiative – giving your style choices the power to feed those in need.


The Heart of the Matter

At OKBINNY, we believe small acts of kindness create positive change. That's why, every time you checkout on OKBINNY with UPI, we'll donate a meal to someone who desperately needs it.  Our passion is fighting hunger, and we'll start by seeking opportunities to partner with and volunteer at charities right here in our local community.  And if a suitable collaboration isn't possible, we'll team up with trusted organizations like Feeding India by Zomato to ensure your UPI purchase provides nourishing meals.

We're passionate about making this initiative as effective as possible. To guarantee every donated meal  reaches someone in need and to streamline our charitable efforts, we're currently offering the "Pay with UPI, Donate a Meal" initiative for UPI and online prepaid orders.  We hope you'll join us in embracing easy, secure UPI payments to fuel both your style upgrade and this amazing cause!


How It Works (Simple and Sweet)

  1. Browse our latest streetwear collection – those oversized graphic tees won't buy themselves!
  2. During checkout, choose UPI as your payment method. It's easy, secure, and now – incredibly impactful.
  3. That's it! You just made a difference in someone's life, helping fight hunger with your streetwear style.


Your Impact: Changing Lives, One Meal at a Time

This is more than shopping, it's joining a movement of style and social good. Picture it: Your UPI purchase provides a nourishing meal, the building block for a brighter future. Imagine the difference a full stomach makes for a person struggling with food insecurity.. Together, we're not just upgrading wardrobes; we're transforming lives. Together, we're not just upgrading wardrobes; we're transforming lives.


Join the Movement

Ready to give your style even more substance? Shop our latest drops, choose UPI to power your purpose, and share our  initiative with your world. Your passion might inspire others to make a difference too!  Use the hashtag #OKBINNYCares when you share and get a chance to be featured on our page.


Call To Action

The power to create change is in your hands (and your shopping cart!). Shop the latest streetwear and become part of a community where style and kindness are perfectly matched. Let's prove the power of streetwear  together!



Q. Why does this initiative only apply to UPI/online prepaid orders?
A. We want to ensure this has maximum impact! UPI and online payments guarantee donations go directly to providing meals, are easier to track, and protect us against the issue of canceled or returned orders.

Q. I usually pay with COD. Can I still help?
A. Absolutely! We love that you want to support the fight against hunger. Consider trying UPI – it's fast, secure, and makes you part of this awesome cause.  Even spreading the word about our initiative would make a huge difference!

Q. Which charities do you work with?
A. We prioritize supporting local charities in our immediate community, including volunteering our time. When a perfect local fit isn't possible, we team up with reputable organizations like Feeding India by Zomato to make sure your payment translates directly to those in need.